The InfoAcer's Image Management System is a web-based document management center that is applicable to knowledge file sharing and digital image/text storage, management, review and sharing. It can quickly arrange all types of documents and obtain document information of your interest, which provides users with the best experience of stable operation and high efficiency.

IMG ( Image Management System)

Application Structure
Web-end Digital Archive

  • ● Document Management Center
    The easy-to-use digital archive is displayed by tree charts. The files uploaded to the system are arranged according to their date in sequence. Either lists or thumbnails can be chosen by request for browsing, which makes it easier for querying.
  • ● Quick Search Function
    • • Full text search
      The full text search guarantees no leak for the intended information. In addition, IMG supports search syntax (and, or, not, etc.) to make it more convenient in document filtering.
    • • Cross search with conditions
      Multiple search conditions can be configured for a more precise data search

      Search screen

  • ● Authority Management Function
    • • Authority management of folders
      Authority is defined by folder for read, modify and delete.
    • • User authority management
      Authority is defined by single user or group which can be added, modified or deleted for a safer digital data management.
      *The content of authority can be designed customizedly

      Authority management Screen

  • ● Version Control
    After a document is edited, the modification history can be recorded automatically with activating the version control function. The former versions are reserved for an all-round protection of document information.
  • ● Diversified Report Analysis
    Multiple report formats are available. The content of report can be customized for versatile data analysis.
  • ● Support Web-service API call

Client-end Image Processing System

The InfoAcer's IMG can upload document information through network scanners, IE browser and our exclusive Client-end Image Processing System.

  • ● Network Scanner
    We adopt the network scanner developed by Avision Inc.. Scanned documents are uploaded to IMG through our exclusive AVPP protocol to eliminate the step of scanning to PC, which makes it much safer for confidential documents.
  • ● IE Browser
    Wherever you are, you can use IMG to upload or download all kinds of documents (support document format of PDF, JPEG and TIFF) through an IE browser as long as the internet is available.
  • ● Client-end Image Processing System
    • The whole-new Client-end Image Processing System integrates Web-Service to support document scanning, image processing, image information construction, text recognition and many other functions. In addition, the batch-upload function saves users the time for uploading files one by one which realizes a easy way of processing large amount of document with better efficiency and guarantee.
    • • Scan/Import
      Connect any TWAIN scanner or choose image files for import (with batch import function)
    • • Auto-pagination by barcode
      After scanning the auto-pagination is done according to the configured barcode range to save time for filing
    • • Optical Text OCR
      Traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and English can be recognized. Document content is digitalized and shown immediately without typing. Text files are accessible for future querying.
    • • Field Filling
      6 fields can be typed in with document information to facilitate future categorization and querying. (field modification or addition is customizable)
    • • Recognition by box
      Box any range of the text image for recognition and select the corresponding field, the system can automatically input recognition result to the field
    • • Upload
      After creating the files for all data, they can be uploaded to IMG and automatically categorized and archived according to time for future querying. (Supported file formats: TIFF, Multi-TIFF, PDF*, Multi-PDF*, JPEG*, DJVU*)

      ( means optional feature)

System Requirement

General Specification Suggest Specification
OS Windows XP、Vista、7 Windows XP、Vista、7
CPU Intel E3300 or above Intel Core i3 or above
Ram 1GB 2GB
HD Space 250MB (Install HD Space) 250MB (Install HD Space)
Others CD-Rom/ USB 2.0 Port CD-Rom/ USB 2.0 Port