Following the footsteps of Internet and mobile device development, InfoAcer embodies the spirit of looking to the future and launched a mobile recognition system on the Android platform, which is a credential recognition exclusive device consists of InfoAcer text recognition software, an exclusive tablet and a customized bracket. It adopts mainstream tablet with Cortex-A9 dual-core processor, 1G RAM/8G ROM, Android 4.1, 7 inch touch screen, built-in 3G module and GPS module for convenient wireless communications and positioning, also equipped with a 8 million pixels high resolution AF lens that can quickly fetch highly clear credential photos.


The credential type compatible with the InfoAcer text recognition software includes ID cards, passports, Taiwan compatriots certificate and health insurance card, etc. Together with the special bracket, credentials can be detected and shot automatically and categorized by credential type for recognition, which fully realizes the requirement for fast credential information collection. It can be widely used in visitor management, mobile financial account creation, mobile insurance account creation, credit card activation and hotel management systems, etc.

System Characteristics

  • ● Utilizing the InfoAcer professional text recognition (OCR) technology for the recognition of ID card, Taiwan compatriots certificate, passport and health insurance card.
  • ● Mainstream hardware configuration for smooth OS running with complete functionality.
  • ● Powerful inside with Cortex-A9 dual-core processor and 1G RAM / 8G ROM.
  • ● Small and portable with only the size of 192 x 119 x 9.8 mm and the weight of 330g
  • ● Instead of direct shooting for recognition, the recognition rate is elevated by 20+% with the use of bracket for fixed position and angle and balanced light.
  • ● Support auto-detection and recognition, auto-trimming, auto-orientation(rotation) and auto-categorization.
  • ● Simple operation. Only 10 seconds is needed from placement, shooting to recognition.
  • ● No-leak information security. Watermarks are imported immediately after recognition and uploaded to specified systems (FTP/local network) without leaving temporary files.


  • ● On-the-counter Account Creation

    Most of current financial commissioners use equipments such as scanners to import customer credentials into the computer, followed by inputting the data into the system one by one, which not only prolongs the processing time, but easily causes the outflow of customer's personal information and privacy.

    Considering the trend of rapid growth in account creation, InfoAcer gave away the original operating mode and officially launched the solution collocated with InfoAcer's mobile credential recognition function, which consists of an exclusive bracket, a mobile device and a text recognition system. Financial commissioners only have to use mobile devices to take pictures of credentials and through the text recognition technology, all information on passports, ID cards and health insurance cards are digitalized with a stable recognition rate.

    In addition, through the internet the customer information, ID photos, and mugshots are uploaded to the banking system immediately to smoothly complete the account opening operation, which can effectively improve the service level and also give customers a great experience.

  • ● Visitor Management

    In order to overcome the situation that certain information is not able to be tracked and audited due to low accuracy and poor reservation of login data managed in visitor registration books and causes waste of time and labor, we had come out a solution accordingly.

    The InforAcer's visitor registration book equipment provides automatic visitor registration function. The procedure is fairly simple, just by automatically recognizeing the visitor's credential, the information is registered for immediate management. It can also be integrated with the entrance guard or the elevator card exchange operation for joint management, which makes visitor entrance guard complete without flaw and thus improves the quality of overall community management.

    Automatic Visitor Registration Operation

    • • Automatic information recognition of ID card and health insurance card.
    • • Can registered by visitors themselves or by the security guards (simple steps, computer is not mandatory for operation).
    • • Eliminate the possibility of former information seen by later visitors for the compliance of the personal information protection act.
    • • Digitalize visiting and visitors related information for convenience reservation and management.

  • Hotel Check-in Management

    As the economy growing upward for worldwide countries in recent years, passenger growth rate is also gradually rising. In order to promote the visibility of the hotel, except for the necessity of having a warm smile, how to improve the check-in efficiency and quality is more of an important mission.

    The InfoAcer's mobile credential recognition will provide passengers better accommodation experience. In stead of inputting tourists' information one by one by hotel staff, ID cards, health insurance cards, passports or other credentials could be quickly recognized by this product and automatically import the tourist's information. In addition, the delicately designed exclusive bracket wipes away your worries about low recognition rate caused by light or angle. Such full automatic digitization process reduces the cost of the hotel's counter service while raises the tourist's satisfaction.

    Advantage of the solution

    • • Small size with high mobility.
    • • Diversified recognition, including passports, ID cards and health insurance cards.
    • • Fast credential recognition with high accuracy to reduce tourist's waiting time.

  • ● Customer Information Creation for Travel Agency

    The passenger transportation in Taoyuan airport increases year by year, indicating the thriving of tourism industry. Under the condition of big amount of tourists, travel agencies have to spend a lot of time in inputting tourist credential information, which not only lose efficiency but is more likely to cause wrong data registration.

    Now, InfoAcer brings you a new thinking. Via InfoAcer's credential recognition, the information and images on passports, Taiwan compatriot entry permits, ID cards and health insurance cards can be quickly digitalized to shorten the operation time and let travel agencies to be more unhurried for welcoming more tourists.

    Customer satisfaction is always the top priority of an enterprise. In addition to the general counter service, this solution also can be applied for tour groups to quickly digitalize member lists for complete storing of image and information, which can be widely used in all sorts of unexpected problems and provide complete travel assistance in time in case of the occurrence of emergency, such as applying for a temporary credential for a member who lost his/her credential in a foreign country.

    Advantage of the solution

    • • Quickly scan and accurately recognize and import credential information into the system
    • • Guides and leaders can create member lists by pictures for quick building the relationship with customers
    • • Keep image information of credentials and passports to provide complete travel assistance if necessary

System Requirement

CPU MTK8377 1.2GHz Cortex-A9 Dual-Core
OS Google Android 4.1
HD Space DDR3 1G RAM/8G RAM、TF Card(Expandable up to 32GB)
Screen Resolution 7 inch,5 point Capacitive touch screen ,1024 x 600 Resolution(16:9)
Communications protocol Include 3G WCDMA Module,GSM850/900/1800/1900;WCDMA850/1900/2100;
Support GPRS
GPS Navigation Include GPS Module
Bluetooth Include 4.0 version
Camera Front camera 2 million pixels,Back camera 8 million pixels(support Auto focus)
Interface Micro USB 5PIN,TF Slots,Dual SIM slots
Include Software PDF/Word/Excel/Powerpoint/TXT
Video Support 1080P
Battery Lithium battery,Capacity 4200mAh
Size 192 x 119 x 9.8 mm
weight 330g
Others WIFI、radio、flashlight
Fitting USB Line、charger、manual